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Volunteer Views

Prasad Reddy
Prasad Reddy

It is a God blessing opportunity to be part of True Nature and contribute to Gomatha Seva and also serve to underprivileged kids

Usha Ganti

To be able to contribute and share with others is true and permanent happiness in this impermanent world. Wish and pray God blesses and equips me to be able to do this service in a bigger way

Gollu Mohan Kumar

I am very much happy to spend time in True Nature Goshala. I felt like my native place as I was from Village background. It is wonderful experience.


In this busy city life, we hardly get to see nature up close. I am so glad to be a part of True Nature. Me and my family often get the opportunity to enjoy feeding these cows with our own hands. They remind us that life is not just slogging in a corporate office but can be simple natural and beautiful.

Vijay Goparaju

Thanks to True Nature Society for this initiative, lot of people have interest to help the society but they don’t have time or trusted platforms to offer their help. This is the right society with like-minded team.

RTA Sanjeevi

I like Desi cow milk, its Curd and Ghee. I really love the smell in Goshala. It takes me to different and blissful world.

Sinjini School of Arts

It is a rewarding experience to spend time and support little ones at the school in whatever brief way possible. Looking forward for more such endeavors. True Nature is inspiring us with such initiatives.

Pallavi Deshpande

Too often, we live in our own bubbles, indifferent to anything outside our routine. Going to the school and interacting with the students was an incredible opportunity to step outside this bubble and routine, and to interact with students, learn from them, and learn about the amazing work being done for students with disabilities. The disability sector rarely gets talked about so I also really enjoyed the opportunity to learn directly from the students about their lives and the True nature about how they are able to best help students.

Sashi Suraparaju

I am greatly inspired by True Nature Efforts in supporting poor Orphan kids in all possible ways. It is very rare to see the way they provide moral support and strive for their all-round development nurturing them into good human beings.

Divya Goparaju

I feel satisfied and happy in helping Cow farm, I appreciate the Efforts True Nature Society team is taking to help our environment safe and help the society. I wish you all the best.

Shaik Mahaboob Subhani

I had a heart touching experience as a volunteer. I found that True Nature Society challenged me (in an emotional sense) but it was also hugely gratifying. I learned a lot about the children and about myself, I could teach them about our culture, through that connection, we shared fun and laugher every time. Sometimes it was very hard to realize the conditions and the background of the children life. But when I saw smile on the faces of those kids, I felt so happy and glad to be there. Those kids needed a person to give them Love and Attention. I was proud to be there for both the things.

Bharath Srigiriraju

When we share our Happiness with the innocent kids who does not know what is Love and care of Parents, it not only delights your soul but also, gives them the pleasant and joyous moments of Life. As we visit Orphanage, we become more responsible towards Society, I suggest everyone to have a visit.

Madhavi Anumula

On occasion of Karthika Vanabhojanalu, our family went to True Nature Goshala. It was really very Spiritual and great feeling to attend Pooja. Especially Goshala visit was so pleasing. My husband and kids enjoyed lot feeding cows. Felt blessed visiting Goshala and worshipping cows.


I always feel satisfied and blessed to be able to help these kids in my own possible way.

Nagamani Srigiriraju

I felt very fulfilled while spending with kids voluntarily. It gave immense satisfaction as I was able to teach them like a mother.

Lakshmi Kumari

I always respect and love our Desi cows. Great opportunity to visit this Goshala frequently and spend some time here.