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Underprivileged Children in Orphanages

Childhood should be the most happy-go-lucky time in one’s life and just because a child loses his/her parents don’t mean that he/she should be losing that normal childhood. They too deserve a childhood filled with Joy and Affection. As Humans, we should understand that and do what we can do for them to get that.

There are many orphanage homes which are doing really Great job in taking care of all their Essentials like Food, Shelter, and facilitating them for their education thru Government Schools etc. But for many orphanage homes, managing time and personnel for taking care of their extracurricular activities like teaching new things, Drawing, Craft, Fun through new games, Music, Meditation etc is difficult and costly for them.

Underprivileged Children in Rural Areas

In villages, we often see children not knowing the value of education or losing interest in going to school daily. Also, due to lack of proper guidance and education, children get attracted to earn money from very young age and are easily prone to become vulnerable to exploitation as child laborers. And due to lack of proper education, they are more likely to get addicted to bad habits which will lead to lifelong struggles.

Also, Lack of education in Girls and early marriages eventually affecting their families for next generations. Lack of education will also lead to conservative thinking and narrow minded ness in families which increases domestic violence.

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